Attorney Award Videos

Be the attorney who stands out and get’s noticed!

We created a one-of-a-kind video to get the most out of your Martindale-Hubbell or Avvo recognition!

Designed just for attorneys

Video Promoting Your
Super Lawyers Recognition

Now that you’re a Super Lawyer it’s time to proudly let people know. Let us customize your very own super attorney award video 

Video Promoting
Your Avvo Rating

You worked hard to earn a rating worth bragging about, so let us do the bragging! We can personalize this video and include any award badges you’ve won.

Video Promoting Your
Martindale-Hubbell Award

The next best thing to receiving this prestigious award, is ensuring people can appreciate it! Allow us to personalized this custom award

Ways to use your award video

Perfect for your

Your award video would look great on your website’s homepage or attorney profile page. When prospective customers see your award badge, this video will explain its importance.

Post on
Social Media

Social media usage has recently shifted heavily toward video. Perfect for you! Educate and showcase your recognition to both your followers and future clients. Your carefully crafted video is designed to pique people’s interest and hold their attention.


Sending your new award video in your next email campaign is super easy. Go beyond the badge and let people know why your award matters.

Code Ready

Make it easy for people to see your award video with a QR code. Just visit QR Code Generator and use your video link to generate your very own QR code.